Here’s the story of the Nolan Elementary School garden told in pictures…




The Greening of Detroit brought the supplies to make raised beds

Everybody lends a hand!

Are you sure we are doing this right?

Where did you say you wanted this?



Work it girl! (Bonnie Odom-Brown)

Snelling staffers getting their hands dirty!

Does anybody know what’s planted here?



How is this supposed to work? (Nolan Fierce Gardeners and volunteers)

Are you thirsty my little friend?

Didn’t I just do this last week?

Surveying the crops!

Now how did we get stuck with this job?

It’s getting hot out here!

How is this supposed to work?

This is harder than it looks!

Watering is fine, but I’d rather be playing tennis!

How much water do they really need?

That’s what you’d call a tall drink of water!

What have we been feeding this plant?

Contemplating what to do next!

Come on…smile!


The halfway point!

Starting to look like a real garden!

Looks good enough to eat!

Coming up just liked we planned!

Not quite ready to harvest…but we are getting there!

The community and Eitan Sussman from “The Greening of Detroit” are guests at our first picnic.

Eitan likes what he sees!



Now we’re talkin’!

Want some?

All hands on deck!

100% Organic!

What do we have here?

Ain’t they sweet?

Can’t wait much longer!

Squash Gone Wild…HA!

It looks “mahvalous” (marvelous)!

Taking it easy! You girls and all of the others deserve a break!!!

A Special Thanks To…


Detroit Fire Department Engine Co. 21


The Greening of Detroit


Snelling Staffing Services

Maura Ryan-Kaiser & Family


BE Culturally Exposed

Bonnie E. Odom-Brown


Special Assistant

Jenni-ann Littsey